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Beautiful flowers for beautiful weddings. Each wedding is unique and our wedding team will help you interpretation your vision for your day.

With access to the most stunning and unusual flowers, foliage and accessories we can help to guide you towards your dream effect.

This is an outline of  floral items you may need for your wedding day


  • Brides Bouquet
  • Bridesmaids bouquets
  • Buttonhole for groom
  • Buttonholes for groomsmen
  • Buttonhole for father of the bride or who is giving bride away
  • Corsages for mother of bride / groom
  • Corsages for grandmother of bride / groom
  • Buttonhole for father of groom
  • Buttonhole for grandfather of bride/groom

This is your basic setup for a bridal party



For other guess EG: Sister, brother, children, aunties, uncles, any special person in your life, a buttonhole for men or corsage for ladies, these are just little tokens to let the other love one's in your life who are not part of bridal wedding party that they are still special to you on your wedding day


You can have as many or lest flowers as you like this is just a guideline for those who really have no idea of what flowers are needed for a wedding


REMEMBER Its your special day and do not get pressured into ordering flowers you hadn't intended on ordering in the first place!



Some brides will have  hair flowers, which can be from a flower spray on a comb, single blooms wired, or a head circlet of flowers 

Head flowers usually for the ladies in bridal party only


Some extra flowers for a wedding:



 A small spray of blooms either wired or placed in floral foam for your wedding cake  knife that you will be cutting your cake with, this ties in nicely with the bridal flowers showing a complete look when seen all together



Usually a long and low table arrangement, bridesmaids usually put  bouquets on the front edge of where they are sitting which makes a nice look and no need for extra table arrangements for the bridal table



A center piece for the guess tables, these should either be tall so your guess can still see each other, or low, do not have arrangements at eye level for your guess



These flowers can be anything from church flowers on the pews, tall arrangements either side of the bride and groom or flowers in a outdoor wedding, there are plenty of options to chose from talk to us about you requirements.  With the ceremony flowers you can always transfer them to the reception which can save some money to put towards other things needed.

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